7 Best Items At Taco Bell

If you have ever been to a Taco bell restaurant, you will understand why you should often go there, particularly if you are a Mexican cuisine lover. Not that they provide authentic Mexican food, but you will still love their Mexican-American cuisine at such low prices and enough to fill your cravings. 

Have you ever tried their Chalupas? Or at least their Crunchwraps? I know you would have, but here is our task of putting out the best 10 food items at Taco Bell.

This list also includes items that are dead cheap during their Happy hour. Oh well! I reminded myself of the happy hour now. This is the time when you would get most of the food items or the appetizers for just a dollar. And most of their drinks for the same price.

What to know more about this particular time?

Read here for Taco bell happy hour.

Ok, let’s move onto the best food items at Taco Bell.

5 – Layer Burrito:

What a yummy dish to start with? There are five layers to tease your appetite. Beef – Cheese – Sour Cream – Nacho Cheese Sauce – Bean. Isn’t that enough, guys? If you don’t feel so, just try your hands at one and I am sure you will be satisfied enough!

Crunchy Tacos:

Crunchy foods are always good to eat, and when the Tacos are crunchy, they are delicious. Taco Bell serves Crunchy tacos with all the essential ingredients that go into its Soft Tacos, only the shell is different here. The Diablo sauce notches up the taste further.

Soft Tacos:

Well, Taco is a taco. Whether it is Soft or Crunchy. Taco Bell serves both these variants as well as each other. You can fill up your stomach just by eating Tacos. The toppings, the sauces and the meat fillings make them a great starter too!

Beefy Nacho Loaded Griller:

A great appetizer, Beefy Nacho is also available during the Happy hour for low price. This is nothing but ground beef filled with nacho cheese and red chips wrapped around Tortilla. A small appetizer and a great way to start your main course as well.


What is a Quesarito? “Ito means small, and Quesarito is a small Quesadilla. You get all the Burrito ingredients in it wrapped around Tortillas. Quesadilla with all those beans, potatoes, meat and fillings coming in small sizes is a real treat!

Cheesy Gordita Crunch:

My personal favorite. I love cheese, so yes! The CGC (short form) is a popular dish at Taco Bell and the dish is really going to give you a divine feeling (I’m exaggerating). The melted cheese between the shell and the bread is innovation at its best.

Crunchwrap Supreme:

The name supreme reigns all over! This is the classic Tex-Mex food with sour cream and the fillings blending well together with the Crunchy outer shell. One of the most ordered item at Taco Bells and the easiest to eat and still feel light, Crunchwraps are going to stay!